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Kenny’s 68th Birthday Party

We had the privilege of being part of a small group to help celebrate Kenny’s 68th Birthday at a local diner. Huge thanks to our server Mark for helping to make Kenny feel special on this special day. Pictured are Jesse, Kenny, Dara, Malinda, Andrew.

Feasted on meatloaf, pasta, and salad.
Dessert: chocolate mousse cake, carrot cake, apple pie.

Goal: North Carolina Barbecue

Parker’s Barbecue in Greenville, North Carolina. Of course, we fearlessly called up the owners. Callie and husband. They went out of their way to make sure that Jesse could enjoy the best barbecue he ever tasted.

Thank you so much and we could not have made it a better birthday.


minced pork barbecue

cole slaw


steak fries



Met at Dupont Circle Metro. From Ukraine
Kicked out on 18th bd for dropping out

De Golgi

Trains hitch gf

30×32, M 10
Saving for base,nt share

has an interview with a local coffee shop in Georgetown and we wanted him to walk-in looking like he already worked there.

Storage and a Masters Degree

We met Susan in Georgetown, she sold street sense a newspaper her she can make a dollar,r selling each copy. Street sense model,

She needed elp with storage fees
Angry w mom prob abused
Ppl w HIV try to attack her w needed in shelter

out to get her and make sure that she failed at life]]>

2013-07-06 13:10:00


The guy who cuts my hair said he wouldmbenhappynto have 1-2 of our homeless friends come in for a haircut.

Hope for Kenny

After then situation with Kevin in georgetown. Whenn someone is constantly lying. Some ppl put up their own barriers to help. Whereas kenney, we know where to find him all of the time, he close to our home he’s a genuinely kind man and to our knowledge hasn’t tried to deceive us in any way. Always am knd eord ki d when we leave.

The woman who answered the phone was the nicest sweetest most supportive person . She seemed to really want to help instead of just transferrng us to the next resource.

Hana general conversation
Sen took down our info amd said ppl were gome for the day

Asked for soem more info about our friend
If he was in the system for health care and has been on streets for 5 yrs,or longer it may be a difficultm transition

Has to qualify for care
Likely to not want to reintegrate

ThenVA seems to love when people call on behalf of others

As kenney friend Jesse moves to North Carolina
He is left with cowboy george,and amcouplemofmother pals who,are not as close

We palm to follow up with the VA again on Monday to see if kenney can fit with a program

Kenney ism67 years old has been on the streets for at least 8 years and has a variety of health issues possibly galloping arthritis

They are always very appy to see us.. To get anything for the, is a struggle.. Even fornansnack.. When we ask if they need anything, theynsaynko infant think of anything and we’ve never given th money.. They usually. Don’t even want the food.. So we dontnbelievethatmtheynare just being nice in order to get something. Out of us,Mather to enjoy our company. We do feelmbasmsometimesmwhenwe arrive and they stop working just to talk with us.]]>

Tip Jar

We love to eat at a certain food truck. Made them a tip jar. They loved it!

Time in Art

We met Mister C (we know his real name but you get the nickname) late at night as he sat on a bench at a well-known park to look over a fountain as he worked on a small art project. Mister C is a former teacher, and cab driver. He is 63 years old, originally from Wisconsin and of the Menominee Native American Indian Tribe, often referred to by Europeans as the Wild Rice People.

Mister C likes to paint, draw, travel, sail on catamaran, and talk with people.

Mister C had an accident where a bunch of heavy things fell on him and he was unable to work for a long time. Mister C explained that he gets social security income and if he waits a couple more years, he should be able to increase the amount. Instead of spending it on rent at an apartment, saves money and occasionally travels.

Our conversation was interrupted by a large Black-crowned Night Heron [Nycticorax nycticorax] that landed in the park to hunt the mice that scurried along the edges of the surrounding bushes where we sat. It was fascinating to see this kind of bird. Mister C snapped to life and ran to the other side of the hedge row and crouched down low, and instructed us to do the same so that we could see the bird closely without scaring it away. We did as he said.

Mister C introduced himself using his nickname and once we got on talking he told us real name and that he doesn’t like his nickname or the shortened version, but that is how some people remember him so he accepts it grudgingly.

Harvested in the early autumn, wild rice was an immensely important commodity to Native Americans, particularly the Ojibwe and Menominee, who lived in the areas where it grew abundantly. The Menominee even took their name from the Indian word for wild rice, manomin, and were often referred to as the Wild Rice People by Europeans.

According to Menominee oral traditions, wild rice was a gift to humans from one of the Underneath Beings. When the rice was mature, the Menominee offered tobacco to this spirit to insure a good harvest. After that, the Underneath spirits and the Thunderbirds could claim their share of the rice. The chief threw tobacco into the fire as an offering to the Thunderbirds so they would not interfere with the weather. At the end of his speech, all the elders would smoke from a pipe passed around the group, and a feast began. Unless someone acted with disrespect, this ceremony assured calm weather for the upcoming harvest.





we bought a sketch pad, some colored markers and two black markers so that he could draw. then, after we ate dinner we brought him back a burger with a salad.


on eaccident had whiplash and concussion while driving cab. he was stopped someone ran into him.


we just talked. he did a lot of talking. was really eager to share with us his art. has us hold and engage with his art. many homeless


he started to make something for us. wanted us to look at it, think about it, and then take it home and add to it.

seemed to real enjoy l ife, being out and enjoyed his art, the moon the sky, the weather, loved to be outside..

semeed like he had future goals… his net goal was to figure out his SSi , travel and save money… seemed like a free spirit.

we really enjoyed the conversation.


Chief is yuou just feel close to him and welcomed… like


reminded us of Kenny the


antarcia.. would ahve to go from south america


reminded us of <a title=”Dinner+Coffee” href=””>Kenny</a> the


antarcia.. would ahve to go from south america



Mister C spoke well of the Church of the Epiphany, and of an organization called Miriam’s Kitchen/


how michelle obama selected a piece of art in the likeness of her husband

Feed the hungry

One veggie burrito cut in half for the two homeless guys, Kenny again.. And free waters

One steak burrito for the sign holder… But we put him in the hook to do something unexpected for someone else

Receipt image.. One veggie for us, one steak one water bottle, one veggie brr I half two ofpuntai waters free


the good days are the saunny warm ones… people don’t seem to want to give as much as on the nice warm days. might maybe a hundred dollars in two hours. ore might be there for four hours and make sixty dollars

Medical update

Kenny has scheduled an appointment for Monday morning to see a VA Doctor about his swollen legs. The doctor may need to send him for additional tests and schedule a follow-up visit, and we will pay close attention to see how that goes. Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless (MCCH) Safe Haven group said that they will make sure that Kenny has transportation to get to and from his VA Doctor appointment in Washington, DC.
We plan to get another update mid-next week as to anything found by the doctors during his medical tests. Kenny may need an additional test such as an MRI or ultrasound, may need to be on high-blood pressure medication.